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Dayboll Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Gi & No Gi - MMA - Kickboxing
Starting @ age 3

Kids - Ladies - Men

Train with Brazilian Black Belts.....Master Dave Dayboll, Professor Jake Dayboll and Professor Sam Pascuzzi

Dayboll Jiu-Jitsu  training center’s goal is to provides all students with the opportunity to excel at their own personal best, so that they may become more focused, disciplined, and self-confident with a positive attitude.

With an ever increasing popularity and proven health benefits of exercise the fitness industry has opened its arms to accept this new hybrid style of exercise for not only health purposes but also to learn real world self-defense skills. 


Work with Royler Gracie’s Brazilian Black Belt, Master Dave Dayboll, and train with tomorrow’s champions today, giving you the tools it takes to achieve the next level.  Dayboll Jiu-Jitsu leads the way by bringing a cutting edge mixed martial arts fitness facility to your area.

Become a leader in your community………….. Master Dave Dayboll’s 4th location as opened in Stuart and you’ve joined a team of individuals dedicated to creating a positive effect on your community.  Dayboll’s training center’s present self-defense fundamentals in a fun positive way.  These same fundamentals are applied towards reinforcing the core values of respect and self-discipline – values that once instilled, benefit anyone of any age.

Classes include…Cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance training, stretching, relaxation and a calming cool-down, and also capable of providing generalized advice about proper nutrition, weight management, stress management and lifestyle changes for both active and under active kids. 

Brazilian Black Belt Rec’d By Royler Gracie
Now currently recognized & Training under Master Pablo Popovitch

Master Dave Dayboll……… 

"I don’t let my students get caught up in the commercial and material aspects of the martial arts world."

"I’d rather stick to traditional samurai values, focusing on attitude, discipline, family, honour, loyalty and respect."

"I exalt the study of Jiu-Jitsu as a true life path." 

"I aspire to cultivate an environment and group of people that promote the most positive exchange of energy."

"Thus we produce more than just better fighters, but better human beings."

D A Y B O L L     T R A I N I N G     C E N T E R S    &    M M A    C L U B

1228 Business Park Plaza, Jensen Beach Florida 34957                      USA
(Off Savannah Rd)                                                                   
772-626-2397  Master Dave Dayboll

408 Catharine St, Port Colborne, ON L3K 4L5                            Canada
289-929-4131  Sensei Jake Dayboll
1267 Garrison Rd, Unit #7, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1N1                    Canada
289-241-2388  Sensei Sam Pascuzzi

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